Master of Music (Musicology/Ethnomusicology)

      The experience


      Student Experience

      My supervisor often says that performance can’t exist without musicology and musicology can’t exist without performance. I’d never considered the idea that one could be both a performer and a musicologist, but this interdisciplinary perspective is now central to the way in which I view my own work.

      As a student, you’re often told to pursue what you’re good at, but I think you have to pursue what you’re interested in. It can be challenging to forge your own path at first, and it’s easy to fear judgement and failure. However, it’s ultimately rewarding to stick to what really interests you.

      You can’t succeed without enthusiasm and energy for what you do! I was incredibly lucky to find amazing peers and staff in the Musicology department who have encouraged and inspired me to continue on my own path.

      Hannah Spracklan-Holl, MMus (Musicology)