Master of Music Therapy

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Professional accreditation

Graduates of the Master of Music Therapy course are eligible for Registration as Music Therapists (RMT) with the Australian Music Therapy Association (Inc.).

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, graduates will:

  • Be able to understand and identify, use and evaluate concepts and principles of music therapy and the various theories that underpin the practice of music therapy;
  • Have acquired the skills in musicianship and the advanced knowledge of music styles and idioms, including improvisation, which will enable them to direct creative music activities for clients within the music therapy context;
  • Have acquired skills in the assessment, design, implementation and evaluation of music therapy programs in a diverse range of clinical/special education settings;
  • Understand relevant clinical conditions and the application of music as a treatment/special education modality;
  • Be able to carry out independent research and analysis into music therapy and to think creatively about issues arising in their practice;
  • Appreciate the ethical responsibilities of music therapists in health and special education facilities and to the individuals within those facilities;
  • Be committed to enhancing the well being of clients.

Priscilla Pek

Meet our alum Priscilla Pek, Master of Music Therapy (2011)

Priscilla Pek shares the importance of music in her life and how it is much more than just simple entertainment. She discusses how Music Therapy helps sick children through creativity to make choices, have control of their environment again and socialise with other children.