Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work

      The experience


      The Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work is a collaboration between the University of Melbourne (Department of Social Work) and Dulwich Centre. It’s a practice-based program, with a wide-range of national and international teachers. It’s been specifically designed to spark continual innovation in the field. Participants have graduated from Singapore, Canada, China, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong, Israel, Tanzania, Ireland, Chile, South Africa, Denmark, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK  and their innovative work is stretching the field.

      Four graduates of the Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work delivered this valedictory address in 2016:

      The course is delivered through a combination of face-to-face intensive teaching in Adelaide, an online program of work, and a capstone research subject.

      Each subject is formally assessed to meet the requirements of University accreditation. Assessment is designed to be practical and relevant to industry professionals. The type of assessment includes recorded interviews, written reflections and contact logging with feedback provided throughout the course on progress.

      The final subject, Narrative Practice and Research Synthesis, requires all students to develop a critical understanding of research concepts and methods, and to engage in their own practice research project. This requires integration of their theoretical and practice knowledge gained from previous subjects in the course.