Master of Philosophy - MDHS (Dental Science)

  • CRICOS code: 061955K

What will I study?


  • You will enrol in a thesis subject and undertake a research project for the duration of the degree.
  • The normal period of candidature is 18 months for full-time candidates with the possibility of up to 6 months extension.
  • You are required to complete a minimum of 6 months full-time research at the University in order to benefit from planning, conducting and writing up your research within a University community and environment.
  • Normally the entire degree is undertaken at the University.
  • You will have appropriately experienced academics available to arrange a course of supervised research designed to suit your requirements and interests.
  • You may be required to supplement your research program by attendance at, or enrolment in, additional subjects if considered necessary by the supervisor(s).
  • You are expected to attend departmental seminars over the period of their candidature.
  • Academic progress is reviewed regularly throughout the degree.
  • You will be examined on the basis of your thesis which is examined externally. The thesis should normally be between 30,000 and 40,000 words in length excluding tables, illustrations and bibliography.
  • You should refer to the University policy library and the Graduate Research Hub for further information regarding candidature, academic progress, ethics, thesis preparation and examination.
  • To be eligible to submit a thesis for examination, you must be enrolled in their course for the minimum period of 6 months full-time equivalent.