Master of Production Design for Screen

    • CRICOS Code: 081322M

    What will I study?


    Gain a deep understanding of the discipline of design for screen. Take on key roles in the development of artistic works, including: decision making, implementation of ideas and leadership of teams.

    Subjects studied

    Design processes and principles

    Learn about the design process, script analysis, visual language and research for design. Explore these concepts both theoretically and practically though studio-based classes and design projects.

    Design realisation and collaboration

    Take on practical workshops, developing collaborative skills through group projects. Collaborators may include other designers, directors, animators, choreographers and cinematographers. Learn a variety of technical skills needed for the realisation of their designs.

    Roles and processes in the art department

    Gain an understanding and insight into how the Art Department operates. Areas covered include art direction, budgeting, scheduling, continuity, standby props and clearances.

    Graphics for stage and screen

    Learn computer-based graphics software for the purposes of communicating your design concepts. And use computer graphics for actual use in the actual productions, like printed properties and screen graphics.

    Professional practise

    Through a series of guest lectures and projects students gain a deeper understanding of the industry they are about to enter into as well as how to promote themselves to gain employment in the area of their choice.

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