Master of Production Design for Screen

    • CRICOS Code: 081322M

    Where will this take me?


    Graduate pathways

    Upon completion of the program, graduates can select to undertake further study in one of our research degrees.

    Learning outcomes

    On completion of this course, graduates will have developed:

    • A deep understanding of the discipline of design for screen and of the role screen-based media plays in society
    • Abilities to research broadly, analyse findings and apply them within the context of designing for screen
    • Excellent written, oral and visual communication technologies in the presentation of their design concepts
    • Cross-discipline collaboration skills, knowledge about other disciplines and the ability to work alongside students from other programs to produce creative works
    • Creative problem-solving skills, particularly when applying knowledge and theory to specific design projects
    • The skills and willingness to take on key roles in the development of artistic works. These roles will include decision making, implementation of ideas, leadership of teams and working within own personal capabilities
    • An understanding of the social responsibilities associated with making and distributing screen based media
    • Knowledge of sustainability and the environmental impact of making screen-based media.

    Become a production designer

    With the skills gained from your Masters, you can take on a variety of art department roles. Professional roles may include Production Designer, Art Director, Set Designer, Set Decorator or Props Master.

    Networking opportunities

    Artistic collaborations with directors, cinematographers, designers and other filmmakers at the VCA provide a unique opportunity to develop creative partnerships that can lead to future collaborations.

    alumni Profile

    Sarah Hopper