The experience


The Master of Professional Management is delivered 100% online. You will find numerous engaging and inspiring learning activities, ranging from asynchronous lectures, animation and guest speaker presentation recordings for knowledge acquisition to synchronous classes for knowledge sharing, such as live webinars, group chat, discussion board, weekly check-ins and quizzes. Throughout the online study journey, our qualified and responsive teaching team will fully support you and provide you guidance.

Who will you learn from?

Dr Michal Carrington, Senior Lecturer and Program Director, Master of Professional Management

Dr Michal Carrington teaches and researches in the areas of marketing ethics, marketing theory, strategic marketing, retail management/marketing, ethical consumption, consumer culture and consumer behaviour. Her research has appeared in the European Journal of Marketing, Marketing Theory, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research and Higher Education Research and Development.

Professor Peter Gahan

Professor Peter Gahan is a Professor of Human Resource Management. He researches labour markets, the changing nature of jobs and how workplaces are regulated and managed, with particular focus on understanding the consequences associated with different HRM practices for workplace outcomes and individual wellbeing.

Dr Zahra Seyedghorban

Dr Zahra Seyedghorban is a Lecturer in the Master of Professional Management as well as Operations and Supply Chain Management in the Department of Management and Marketing. She is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne. Her research interests include digital supply chain management, Innovation in Supply Chain, sustainability, and procurement.

Dr. André Sammartino

Dr André Sammartino is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management & Marketing. His main research interests are at the intersection of international business and strategic management. His recent projects have looked at the geographical reach of multinationals, reconfiguration of international competitive advantages, and the cognitive processes of individual executives making international decisions. Dr Sammartino serves on the editorial board of Global Strategy Journal and Journal of International Business Studies.

Dr Daejeong Choi

Dr Daejeong Choi is a Senior Lecturer and a Management and leadership scholar (PhD from the University of Iowa, the United States) as well as an organizational psychologist (PhD from Korea University, South Korea). His research questions centre around theoretical and functional mechanisms linking human resource management systems to employee behaviours and work team productivity across multi-levels (firm, teams, and employees).