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The Master of Professional Management will provide you with critical business knowledge and applied learning opportunities necessary to enhance your career, including:

  • To be an adept influencer and decision-maker in changing and complex organisational environments.
  • To engage in critical and analytical thinking to make evidence-based managerial decisions, develop solutions to organisational problems, and influence in multi-stakeholder environments.
  • To integrate the human-centric and operations-centric elements of the organisation to optimise individual and organisational performance.
  • To be strategically minded, an authentic manager and leader.
Michal Carrington
Dr Michal Carrington
Senior Lecturer and Program Director
Master of Professional Management

Dr Michal Carrington

"The workplace is becoming more complex than it has ever been. The expectations of what managers do in organisations is changing and expanding. It’s about managing in a really lean, agile way, in complex and digitised organisations – that are situated in complex environments. Managers are increasingly expected to also step-up and lead – to be flexible and adaptive leaders in environments that are changing. The Master of Professional Management is focused on developing the capacities of today's managers from across diverse industries to be high performers that lead with agility in changing workplaces – today and tomorrow."