Master of Professional Psychology

Where will this take me?


Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible for entry to a one-year internship and to sit the National Psychology Exam and then apply for registration as a Generalist Psychologist.

You will be clinically trained and upskilled to work at a broader population-level focused on key societal issues such as understanding community behaviour change. As a generalist psychologist, you will be ready to apply your skills in assessment and treatment with a wide range of clients with mild to moderate mental health conditions.

This involves optimising personal, social, educational, and occupational adjustment and development across areas such as:

  • mental health and wellbeing
  • education and training
  • population health
  • drug and alcohol
  • corporate and commercial settings.

In contrast, Clinical Psychologists typically work with clients with more severe and complex mental health conditions, with training provided through the University of Melbourne's Master of Psychology programs. More information the courses can be found:

Graduate pathways

Once you've completed your undergraduate degree, you can go on to gain employment or begin a graduate degree and work towards a professional qualification such as law, engineering or medicine. Or you could join our graduate research community and contribute to our world-changing research.

Your graduate degree will be internationally recognised, and set you apart from those who study a traditional Australian single or double degree.

Explore the graduate pathways available once you complete your undergraduate degree here.