Master of Psychiatry (Online)


What you will learn

An understanding of evidence-based aetiology, diagnosis, formulation, assessment, management, and prognosis for the major categories of psychiatric disorder

You will develop an integrated understanding of psychological and scientific theories, so when formulating patients, consideration is given to their genetic risks or vulnerabilities, as well as the psycho-social context within which the presentation occurs.

The evolution of human behaviour through the life cycle from a developmental perspective

You will be able to describe key developmental life stages, the social and biological factors involved in normal and abnormal development and the onset, progression, history and treatment options of specific common child and adolescent psychiatric disorders; and apply the bio-psycho-social approach to the assessment and treatment of child and adolescent disorders at different developmental stages.

The relationship between physical and psychological health and illness

You will discover the key components of this relationship from both a theoretical and clinical perspective and understand how psychological factors affect physical health, how physical illness can lead to psychological disturbance and the nature of somatisation.

Course structure

To gain the Master of Psychiatry you must complete 150 points comprised of:

  • Six core subjects
  • Four selective subjects.

Subjects must be completed on the basis below:

  • Year 1 – two core subjects
  • Year 2 – two core and two selectives
  • Year 3 – two core and two selectives.


The estimated hours required for each subject is between 15 -19 hours per week, but this varies for each student and depends on your task management and planning, familiarity with the material, reading style and speed.

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Single subjects

You can also study single subjects to contribute to your professional development. For more information, please contact Student Support.

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