Master of Psychiatry

  • CRICOS code: 079406C

The experience


As a Master of Psychiatry student, your interest in medicine will be focused on the workings of the mind. Graduates of this program will be able to expertly diagnose, study and treat mental health conditions. The skills you develop during the program will be rivalled by few, both in Australia and internationally. You will be in demand for your wealth of skills and expertise in the field of psychiatry.

The day-to-day experience

The three-year, part-time Master of Psychiatry provides students with the academic and practical grounding to excel as a psychiatrist.

Renowned experts working within leading Melbourne hospitals and the University of Melbourne will be your teachers and mentors. Regular and direct contact with revered psychiatrists will contribute to your independent learning, through coursework and one-on-one clinical settings. Develop your existing clinical experience through projects within the world-class biomedical precincts of Melbourne’s leading local hospitals.

With twelve electives to choose from, students of the Master program can elect to specialise their skills across a range of diverse fields within psychiatry. Unparalleled opportunities to immerse yourself in different environments await.

Learning mode

A flexible structure means you can switch between online and on-campus learning. With more control over the way you learn and work, you can increase your ability to focus your efforts on areas that most interest and excite you within the program.

Students of the Masters course are encouraged to continuously build working relationships with lecturers, mentors and other students as part of their learning within the course. Strong networks formed during your time as a student prepare you for future work environments and professional collaborations. Ultimately, your learning is built around areas and projects of most interest to you.


A Master of Psychiatry will allow you to pursue leadership, academic and clinical paths post-graduation.

Access special capstone subjects throughout the program to help establish you as an up and coming thought leader. Learn how to deal with the media and how to be an effective leader within your clinical team, both core soft skills required for success in today’s competitive landscape.

You will also have opportunities to work on high calibre projects available from different Centres within the Department of Psychiatry. For example, those as part of the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre and Gene Environment, as well as psychosis projects, dementia projects, and neuroimaging research just to name a few.