Master of Screenwriting

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    Subjects studied

    Writing for television

    Learn to serialise and write long form television. And gain an understanding of essential development documents such as the TV series ‘Bible’. You'll chose and research a topic of interest for your creative work and present your work to the class.

    Storytelling workshop

    Write short prose or script format exercises, then share with the class. Examine how an audience’s engagement is impacted by a writer’s creative choices in areas such as point of view, narrative structure, authentic detail and content. Much attention is also paid to word craft. You'll practice the skills of precise, economical and evocative writing.

    Cinematic writing

    Gain the fundamentals of feature film writing, including: traditional screen narrative structure, character development and writing for a visual medium. Learn how to write short documents, such as synopsise and treatments, and learn professional script formatting.

    Script development hothouse

    Through working with actors directors and tutors this short intensive workshop (with follow up sessions) enables you to make significant progress in the development of their first draft script.

    Writing and rewriting

    Complete a second draft long form script; (most likely a feature film script) plus accompanying short documents, or television script(s) of equivalent length plus a ‘Bible’.

    Business of screenwriting

    Learn how to generate income through writing. The focus of this subject is the business behind the screenwriting industry in both national and international arenas. This subject is delivered by industry professionals including representatives from funding bodies, professional writers, distribution companies, new media creatives, directors, and producers.

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    1.5 years full-time

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