Master of Social Work

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    The experience


    Find out more about the experiences of current and former students, and how courses offered by the Melbourne School of Health Sciences have benefited them.

    Master of Social Work student Rebecca Van Oirschot moved to Melbourne from Ballarat, the third largest city in Victoria. Rebecca previously completed a Bachelor of Criminal Justice at Federation University, Ballarat.

    "I decided to study the Master of Social Work at Melbourne University because I come from a regional city; thus, I wanted to expand my knowledge around other cultures and what it is like to work or study in a busy place like Melbourne. Choosing to study in Melbourne has provided me with invaluable opportunities and a rich learning experience that will have a positive impact throughout my studies and future career path."

    What do you enjoy most about the course?

    "The cohort of students and the support they provide is what helps get you through the stressful times. The structure of the course is planned out so you can learn as much as you can within the dedicated timeframe."

    The teachers are also so supportive and are always willing to provide extra assistance. They will spend as much time as possible with you to ensure you understand and do well – they really have your back! The course ultimately provides you the opportunity to develop on the skills that you will need as a social work practitioner and prepare you for when you graduate."

    What have been the highlights of your time at University?

    "A highlight of of my time studying at University of Melbourne was the opportunity to study a course with likeminded people and having the opportunity of forming life long friendships. The biggest highlight of my time at Melbourne however, was being accepted to undertake my second field placement overseas in Michigan!"

    Cassandra Sim graduated from the Master of Social Work in 2015 from the University of Melbourne. Cassandra previously completed her undergraduate degree in the Bachelor of Commerce.

    Hear why she has chosen Social Work as a postgraduate pathway.

    Minjia Zhong; Master of Social Work graduate (2017)

    Why did you decide to study the Master of  Social Work?

    I used to major in English education in my bachelor's degree. I had been a TOEFL English teacher for nearly 4 years before I began the Master of Social Work. Interacting with students and their personal lives gave me a better sense of where my passion lies. It sometimes takes a while to figure out what you really want to do in your life. I am excited to begin my new career with a master degree from the University of Melbourne.

    What do you like most about your course and what skills has it helped you develop?

    The best part about this course is its perfect combination of theory and practice. Being able to have placements with local social work agencies helps me to fully internalise what I have gained from the lectures. As a social worker, I would think social work skills are more important than knowledge. Unlike knowledge which can be learned, skills can only be developed in practice. The placement has prepared me as a competent future social worker with good skills.