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Our approach in using the Insendi learning platform has been to divide the subjects into small segments and consider what the optimal activity could be for you to achieve your learning outcome. You will find numerous engaging and inspiring learning activities, ranging from asynchronous lecture and guest speaker presentation recordings for knowledge acquisition to synchronous classes for knowledge sharing, such as webinar, group chat, discussion board, and so on. Throughout the online study journey, our qualified and responsive teaching team will fully support you and provide you guidance.

FOME Alliance

We are part of the Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance Made up of Business Schools who have a vision of creating  leading, engaging and innovative online learning business education courses, we work with our partners including  EDHEC, IE Business School, Imperial Business School and ESMT Berlin to achieve best practice. We encourage our students  to consider online electives at our partner institutions as part of their studies.

Professor Prakash Singh, Professor of Management and Head of Department, Department of Management and Marketing

"Our program is squarely focused on industry practices and covers the latest SCM analytical approaches. Recent case studies of success and failures are discussed in most subjects and industry-based guest speakers provide in-depth perspectives of contemporary practices in a wide range of industry sectors."

Dr William Ho, Associate Professor and Program Director, Department of Management and Marketing

"The Master of Supply Chain Management is practical, timely and value-added. It covers core and contemporary topics supply chain practitioners should learn. In addition, we have embedded numerous real-world case studies from across the globe, videos interviewing supply chain experts and scholars, together with consultancy and research findings from the teaching team into this course."