Master of Surgical Education

      The experience


      This course is designed for Fellows, Trainees and non-surgeons who contribute to surgical education programs and have an interest in increasing their capacity to deliver surgical education including Surgeons, Veterinary Surgeons, Clinical Proceduralist, Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and other relevant health professionals.

      The programs allow surgeons to gain formal skills in teaching and educational scholarship. The content reflects critical issues in the broader education community together with specific challenges for surgical education – the role of regulatory bodies, balancing clinical service with training, ethical imperatives for simulation-based education, safer working conditions including safe hours and more.

      This suite of programs addresses the specialised needs of teaching and learning in a modern surgical environment. The programs’ content recognises the unique challenges that characterise the clinical settings and the advanced technologies that are increasingly important in surgery and surgical training. Effective teaching skills are essential attributes for educators responsible for training the next generation of surgeons in the complex sets of skills required for safe surgical practice.

      Academic and Teaching Team

      Academic Coordinator, Professor Chris Christophi
      Chris is Professor and Head of Department Surgery at Austin Hospital.

      Course Director, Professor Debra Nestel
      Debra Nestel is Professor of Surgical Education, Department Surgery at Austin Hospital

      The Program is supported by a core leadership group, with guidance from local and international reference groups. Program Reference Groups:

      Australasian Reference Group
      Prof Debra Nestel Program Director, University of Melbourne
      Prof Chris Christophi Program Director, University of Melbourne
      Assoc. Prof Stephen Tobin FRACS Dean of Education, RACS VIC
      Prof David Watters FRACS President, RACS VIC
      Assoc. Prof Julie Mundy FRACS Chair, BSET
      Assoc. Prof Prem Rashid FRACS Surgeon
      Prof John Collins FRACS Surgeon
      Prof Julian Smith FRACS Surgeon
      Prof Stephen O'Leary FRACS Surgeon
      Assoc. Prof Jenepher Martin FRACS Surgeon/Educator
      Prof Elizabeth Molloy Clinician/Educator in non-surgical field
      Prof Spencer Beasley FRACS Chair Academy of Surgical Educators, RACS NZ
      Mr John Biviano Director, Fellowship and Standards, RACS VIC
      Robert Whitfield Student Member