The experience


As a Master of Surgical Science student, you will be impassioned to further yourself as a health professional and better serve the community.

This three-year, part-time degree is perfectly suited to junior doctors who are wanting to pursue a career as a surgeon.

The day-to-day experience

The part-time nature of this Master’s course is suited to meet demanding work schedules, delivered through a flexible blend of campus-based and online study, including occasional webinars. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss questions and topics with peers and academic experts alike.

Many subjects include intensive face-to-face sessions, with these compulsory intensives scheduled well in advance, so you can plan your work schedule accordingly.

The coursework will cover the nine key competencies required by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS):

  1. Medical expertise
  2. Judgement (clinical decision-making)
  3. Technical expertise
  4. Professionalism and ethics
  5. Health advocacy
  6. Communication
  7. Collaboration and teamwork
  8. Management and leadership
  9. Scholarship and teaching.

This course structure will help you gain expertise in surgical knowledge, skills and practice, along with strong research proficiency.

The Master of Surgical Science will also give you the opportunity to complete a minor thesis to further enhance your surgical knowledge.


Along with completing your minor thesis and unlocking the pathway to PhD study, this degree will draw on your current clinical experience and build up a strong surgical knowledge base.

The Master of Surgical Science will give you structured theoretical learnings as foundation for entering a higher grade of surgical training, allowing you to pursue SET programs and a surgical career.