Where will this take me?


Access to world-class teaching staff awaits those who undertake the Master of Surgical Science. Designed as a vital pathway to becoming a recognised procedural surgeon, this program balances formal and structured theoretical knowledge with clinical practice.

Clinical and industry opportunities

As a graduate from the Master of Surgical Science you are well equipped to enter into Surgical Education and Training (SET) programs, and continue your journey to become a specialist in the field of surgical science.

The strong surgical network that you develop throughout this Master program – both with fellow students and practitioners – is highly beneficial and can lead to exciting career opportunities upon graduation.

Whether it’s a rewarding career in academia, research or as a surgical practitioner, the University of Melbourne’s Master of Surgical Science provides a world of opportunities.

Balancing practice with a world-class education

With all key competencies of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) formally taught in this program, you and your fellow graduates will possess the building blocks to becoming a qualified surgeon. You’ll be able to balance your clinical schedule with intensive study, supported by a world-class teaching faculty to help you grow and improve your practice.

With a flexible combination of online and on-campus study, the Master of Surgical Science will leave you with greater purpose, practical skills and the knowledge you need to pursue a career in surgery.