You will learn through our clinical model of education which is unique in Australia. Connecting with our latest research you will become skilled in assessing individual student abilities and being able to adapt your teaching to support the needs of each student in your classroom as they grow and develop over time.

In your final year, you will undertake a professional work integrated learning experience deeply exploring an area of learning of your choice. This includes a placement relevant to your chosen topic which can be in non-education settings such as hospitals, museums, art galleries and more. This experience provides an opportunity for reflection and growth that aligns with the continuous professional learning approach in teaching practice.

Study structure

You will learn from the latest theory and research through a blend of flexible online and on-campus cohort experiences; alongside highly supported placements in schools.

This course requires completion of 200 credit points which you can study in three ways:

Standard mode

  • Full-time study | 4 semesters | 2 years

Accelerated mode

  • Full-time study | 3 semesters | 1.5 years

Extended mode

  • Full-time study | 6 semesters | 3 years (For domestic students only)

University Handbook: Master of Teaching (Secondary)

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