Master of Teaching (Secondary)

    • CRICOS Code: 093406G


    In the Master of Teaching (Secondary) you will become an active member of a school in your first semester. This means you can connect what you learn at university with what you learn in the classroom.

    Gain unique skills to assist individual learning needs

    The Master of Teaching will help you develop your interventionist educational skills. You'll develop the professional skills to assess, diagnose and support the individual learning needs of all students, and work with learners of all abilities.

    Course structure

    • 200 points of coursework
    • Full-time study, comprising four semesters over two years, or
    • Full-time study (accelerated mode), comprising three semesters over 18 months with summer and winter term subjects.
    • Full-time study (extended mode), comprising six semesters over three years.

    As a standard full-time student, your first three semesters focus on teaching in learning areas, with a strong emphasis on Evidence-Based Teaching practice and preparation for independent teaching.

    In your second year, you will choose between a coursework option (which includes a capstone experience and electives) or a research pathway. The electives are designed to expand your professional knowledge in areas of interest and provide opportunities in national and international settings.

    For detailed course and subject information, see the University Handbook: Master of Teaching (Secondary).

    Course maps

    Master of Teaching (Secondary) - full time, coursework (PDF, 116Kb)
    Master of Teaching (Secondary) - full time, research (PDF, 86Kb)
    Master of Teaching (Secondary) - accelerated (PDF, 116Kb)
    Master of Teaching (Secondary) - extended (PDF, 119Kb)

    Course schedule

    Master of Teaching (Secondary) schedule - year 1 and 2, 2020 - standard and accelerated (PDF, 111Kb)
    Master of Teaching (Secondary) schedule - year 1, 2 and 3, 2020 - extended (PDF, 104Kb)

    Course Progression Requirement

    All Teacher Candidates must meet the following course progression requirement:

    The satisfactory completion of the Australian Commonwealth Government’s National Literacy & Numeracy Test administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (independently of The University of Melbourne) is necessary in order for each Teacher Candidate to progress beyond 112.5 credit points (standard full time) or 125 points (Accelerated Mode) and continue to the final phase of their course.

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