Master of Theatre (Screen Acting)

What will I study?


This course is offered as a 2 year full-time program.

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of this course, graduates will be characterised by their creative, flexible and multi‐disciplinary approach to on‐screen performing and practising in a variety of contexts.

Graduates will gain advanced knowledge and practical skills in:

  • effective live and screen performance to generate transformative acting
  • utilising spoken voice at a professional level
  • applying improvisational techniques for storytelling using digital content
  • applying research principles and methods for screen acting and performance, including skills in critical reflection, writing and artistic communication
  • interpreting and transmitting knowledge, skills and ideas to work collaboratively and to be flexible creative practitioners who can operate as leaders in multiple contexts
  • applying a range of acting approaches to the delivery of individual and group performances that will serve to foster independent, reflective, motivated and cooperative learning
  • producing original work through on‐camera performance and digital media
  • implementing embodied practices to acting, voice, movement, and improvisation
  • incorporating the business and art of acting for strategic career development in a changing industry landscape.