What will I study?


Full course structure available in November 2020.

Sample subjects

Voice Theory 1

This subject develops students’ foundational understanding of the anatomy and physiology involved in voice production and speech. Students will explore current theoretical approaches and industry best practice in the fields of vocal health, professional vocal maintenance, and common voice disorders in performance applications.  With a focus on developing deep listening and speech transcription skills using the International Phonetic Alphabet, students will begin to identify idiosyncratic speech habits in themselves and others. The subject will be delivered through a mix of lectures and tutorials. In the first half of semester students will research current trends in theoretical discourse and best practice in the field before applying this knowledge to practical learning in phonetics and aural identification (including regional accent identification and idiosyncratic speech habits).

Practical Voice and Speech 1

This subject introduces voice and speech coaching methodologies for individuals and groups in a practical studio environment. It lays the foundations for the development of the actor’s voice for a variety of live and recorded performance contexts, including coaching and development for broadcast, animation, voice-over and theatrical performance. This subject explores the core principles of voice production through detailed exploration of a range of texts. Students will engage in a variety of vocal environments including the recording studio, rehearsal room, sound stage, and live performance venue both on and off campus, gaining a foundation for best practice in these professional environments, whether working cooperatively or independently. Students will be assessed on their engagement with embodied vocal practices by undertaking reflective journaling of their own professional development, and via the performance, recorded or live, of an individual vocal piece incorporating text and non-verbal vocal work and developing lesson plans for leading group voice exercises.

Coaching Lab 1

Coaching Lab 1 is the first of two subjects that focus on the learning and application of a range of tools a vocal coach may need when working with actors towards performance.

Students undertaking this subject will observe masterclasses where professional coaches will work with actors on their vocal technique. Through these sessions, students will be exposed to a variety of pedagogical approaches. Students will engage in critical evaluation and practical application of vocal coaching strategies observed, through group-based tutorials and individual coaching sessions.

Students will be assessed on their engagement via reflective journaling of their own development through the semester, and through two examined practical coaching exercises.

Industry Practice – Voice Coaching

This subject offers a final extension of the students’ experience of vocal coaching in creative and educational contexts. In this subject, students will apply the skills they have acquired throughout the program to voice coaching in a professional environment.

Through either vocational placement in a professional company or coaching in-house production(s) within the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, students will consolidate and strengthen their own training methodology. With supervision and mentoring by staff and industry professionals, students will acquire a clear sense of their own place and potential in their chosen field/s of specialisation as voice coaches.

Students are allocated to rehearsal and performance environments during a professional placement context. Students will be supervised throughout their coaching placement(s). The placement experience will be synthesised through submission of a final research report.