Master of Theatre (Voice)

    Where will this take me?


    New in 2020

    Students will be given the opportunity to collaborate with performers, directors, theatremakers, and film-makers. This course includes specialist training provided to students through a professional industry placement, or through coaching a production within the Faculty.

    On completion of this course, graduates should be able to:

    • demonstrate a high standard of personal vocal use;
    • employ a professional level of expertise and competence as a spoken voice coach;
    • apply excellent communication skills in diverse contexts including clear articulation of
      the issues concerning vocal coaching, vocal health and the application of vocal training
      to performance;
    • demonstrate an applied understanding of research principles and methods applicable
      to spoken voice learning and coaching, including skills in critical reflection, writing and
      artistic communication;
    • interpret and transmit knowledge, skills and ideas to specialist and non-specialist
      audiences and individuals with specific needs and from culturally diverse backgrounds;
    • employ a range of coaching approaches in the delivery of vocal individual and group
      lessons that will serve to foster independent, reflective, motivated and cooperative
    • demonstrate a mature engagement with and understanding of the principles of
      teamwork in creative processes;
    • determine continued pathways to developing and refining their coaching practices;
      articulate a coherent personal philosophy of voice coaching.

    "This is the kind of course that will serve anyone who wants to empower people to use their voices professionally or personally in a dynamic, and exciting, and engaging way. Whether it’s working on an independent theater show, whether it’s helping people with voiceover work, whether it’s being on a green screen film set, surrounded by 400 crew, these skills, and your confidence to help people, and your passion for helping people can take you anywhere."

    Leith McPherson, Course Convenor Master of Theatre (Voice)