Master of Theatre (Writing)

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Where will this take me?


Networking opportunities

Artistic collaborations with directors, choreographers, designers and other performance makers at the VCA, provide a unique opportunity to develop creative partnerships that can lead to future collaborations in your profession.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, graduates will have developed:

  • Advanced skills and expertise to conceptualise, realise and present original writing for performance and/or performance oriented projects in diverse forms
  • Their capacity to evaluate, discriminate and make informed choices as part of writing practice within aesthetic domains
  • Expert skills in collaborating with other theatre artists and diverse communities
  • Demonstrated knowledge of problem solving abilities and flexibility of approach
  • Advanced skills in articulating ideas and processes inherent in their creative work within the context of relevant artistic discourse and research.

With the skills gained from your Masters, you can take on a variety of writing styles. Professional work could include writing for theatre, dance, music theatre, opera and other cross discipline productions.

Graduate pathways

Upon completion of the program, graduates can select to undertake further study in one of our research master degrees.


Morgan Rose

Morgan Rose is a graduate of the Master of Theatre (Writing) program at the Victorian College of the Arts. She works with teens through various youth theatre organisations and recently took part in the Dear Australia – Postcards to Our Nation project. Here she provides an insight into her practice and some of the projects she's been working on.

"I am sometimes a playwright who sits alone at a desk writing, but more often I am a deviser who is in a room with other people figuring out a play together. I am usually the one who writes what we come up with on paper. I often work with young people to make shows. I sometimes dramaturg other people's work. I also do some teaching, which I really love.

A big part of my practice is working with teenagers to create performance works. I do this mostly through the youth company Riot Stage. We have an amazing ensemble of young people from all over Melbourne who attend a variety of schools. I also sometimes do work with young people through other arts organisations like St Martins, MTC, and Arts Centre Melbourne. Working with teens is always a wild joy and together we've made some of the strangest most exciting work I've ever done."

Can you speak to your experience at the VCA and how it might have influenced your current work?

"I loved my experience at the VCA. It shaped me as a writer and theatre-maker. Doing a masters program at the VCA requires that you really find your voice and define yourself as an artist. There is no defined pathway, there is no right or wrong. You have to make those decisions yourself under the guidance of some really smart people (in my case it was Raimondo Cortese). It was truly formative."

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