Master of Translation and Interpreting

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The experience


We’ll equip you with more than just an education. Learn from some of the country’s most influential teachers, access a network of innovative industry leaders and engage with our exciting internship opportunities.

Gain practical experience via internships

As part of your degree, you’ll get the chance to hone your linguistic, technical and collaborative skills in a professional translation and/or interpreting environment via an industry internship. Past students have undertaken internships at institutions such as:

  • National Gallery of Victoria
  • Ethnolink Language Services
  • St Vincent’s Hospital
  • Multicultural Arts Victoria
  • Australia China Business Council
  • Australian Government.

Build connections as you study

With vibrant student clubs and activities, including in-person experiences in the heart of Melbourne, studying at the University of Melbourne means you’ll be able to connect with your peers and with our highly successful alumni.

Our program also offers mentorship opportunities and attendance at industry events – enabling you to start building industry networks even before you graduate.

Access the knowledge of the Asia Institute

The Asia Institute is the University of Melbourne’s key centre for studies in Asian languages, cultures and societies. Asia Institute academic staff have an array of research interests and specialisations, and strive to provide leadership in the study of the intellectual, legal, politico-economic, cultural and religious traditions and transformations of Asia and the Islamic world

Key academic: Dr Ester Leung

Associate Professor of Translation Studies (Chinese), Asia Institute

Dr Ester Leung is a practising interpreter and translator, with a particular interest in legal and medical interpreting. At the University of Melbourne, she teaches both interpreting and translation subjects such as Translation & Interpreting Thesis (TRAN90012 and TRAN90013)Consecutive Interpreting (TRAN90025) and Community Interpreting (TRAN90026). She also coordinates Translation Internship (TRAN90010). Her research interests are varied but are mainly focused on interpreting studies using action research approaches.

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Key academic: Dr Delia Lin

Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies (Languages), Asia Institute

Dr Delia Lin is a Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies at the Asia Institute, the University of Melbourne. Her passion lies in examining how language reflects cultural and political sensitivities, and her research focuses on discourse, ideology and governance, traversing the realms of linguistics, sociology, philosophy, psychology and political science. As a NAATI accredited Translator and Interpreter, Delia is a seasoned translator and interpreter with over 12 years of experience in the industry in Australia prior to her academic career.

In the Master of Translation and Interpreting, she teaches subjects such as Translating in an Australian Context (TRAN90006), Translating From English to Chinese (TRAN90007), and Translation, Interpreting, Communication (TRAN90021).

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Key academic: Dr Craig A Smith

Lecturer in Translation Studies (Chinese), Asia Institute

Dr Craig A Smith is a Lecturer in Translation Studies in the Asia Institute, the University of Melbourne. His studies of 20th-century intellectual history and contemporary Chinese intellectual thought are largely related to his interest in Chinese efforts to engage with or abrogate continued Western hegemony.

His articles on the history of translation and regionalism have appeared in journals such as Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Twentieth-Century China, and Cross-currents. He is an active translator and has translated works by numerous Chinese intellectuals and historians.

In the Master of Translation and Interpreting, he teaches subjects including Translating in a Chinese Context (TRAN90008), Translating from Chinese to English (TRAN90009), and Translation Industry Project (TRAN90022).

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Key academic: Dr. Yu Hao

Lecturer in Translation Studies (Chinese), Asia Institute

Dr. Yu Hao is a Lecturer in Translation Studies in the Asia Institute, the University of Melbourne.

In the Master of Translation and Interpreting, she teaches subjects including Translation and Interpreting as Process (TRAN90011), Translation and Interpreting as Product (TRAN90001) and Specialised Translation (TRAN90003)

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Yu Hao

My passion for translation and interpreting was first sparked while studying in the Master of Translation program here at Melbourne. That’s how I learned about different branches within this field and how broad it is.

It was through the experience of working on a minor thesis project that I realized how intellectually fun doing research in translation studies can be. With my commitment to excellence in teaching, I hope to pass on this passion to current and future students.

What I research is close to the content of my teaching, so I’m able to bring cutting-edge research and the newest ideas into our classroom discussions. At the same time, the chance to observe how my students learn and respond to my feedback also provides me with valuable insights that further inspire my research in training and education.

With this rapid development of technology, we need to reflect on what makes us human translators – to be creative and critical with translation problems and to be empathic towards those we work with.

It takes more than bilingual competence to translate. Outstanding translators can grasp nuanced cultural differences and, more importantly, the nuances of humanity.

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