Master of Youth Mental Health

      The experience


      Hear what our students have to say about the Master of Youth Mental Health:

      Miranda Sollychin, Master of Youth Mental Health, (2017)

      Miranda previously Completed the Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne.

      "The Master of Youth Mental Health is a fun, exciting new masters program that gets you involved with many different health professionals. You get to learn from the best and the brightest on this new and upcoming field that will change the way we view mental health as a whole, plus it's online!"

      Why did you decide to study the Master of Youth Mental Health?

      "I have had some initial exposure from my medical degree and research about youth mental health, but I definitely feel that it has been an area that is overlooked."

      "Youth mental health is an incredible new field that has a huge emphasis on early intervention and prevention, as well as positive psychology that not only focuses on symptom reduction but building on a young person’s strengths and abilities. It is a modern way of approaching a patient, and not only can we use this to help the many young adults in need of help, but it helps the practitioner’s develop invaluable skills that can be applied to any future patients."

      What do you like most about the Master of Youth Mental Health?

      "I really appreciate that the course is online and tailored to working professionals who can only commit part time. Even though the course is online, the coordinators are amazing and put in a lot of effort to make the subjects feel interactive. "

      What have been the highlights of your time studying Master of Youth Mental Health?

      "It has been a wonderful experience interacting with many different health professionals from varying fields! We have everybody from occupational therapists, psychologists, teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers and speech pathologists to say the least. We all come from very different perspectives, but have come together to share a common interest and learn as much as we can!"