Master of Youth Mental Health

What will I study?


What you will learn

Understand major theories relevant to youth mental health

You will examine the research and key theories that underpin contemporary understandings of the mental health of young people. You will discuss various factors that influence healthy development and mental ill-health in childhood, adolescence and emerging adulthood.

Learn how to identify, assess and treat mental illness in young people

You will discuss recent advances in prevention and early intervention and examine best-practice psychosocial and biological interventions. You will be able to prepare treatment plans applicable to the different stages of mental illness.

Undertake a substantial research proposal and project

With the guidance of a supervisor from the Centre of Mental Health, you will develop a substantial research proposal relevant to the youth mental health field. You can elect to develop this into a research report suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

Course structure

The Master of Youth Mental Health is a 150-point program. It is designed to be undertaken as a three-year, part-time course. You must complete:

  • Nine core subjects including a substantial independent research project (112.5 credit points).
  • Three elective subjects (37.5 credit points).


On average, it is estimated that students will be required to allocate 15-19 hours per week for study time for each subject. However, the time commitment required can vary based on individual task management and planning skills, familiarity with the material, reading style and speed.

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