Professional Certificate in Applied Analytics

      Course overview

      • 6 months part time
      • Online
      • Available to domestic and international students.
      • Term 1 Intake - January and Term 3 Intake - July


      The amount of data generated worldwide is increasing each year – captured through our smartphones, subscriptions, social networks, loyalty cards and more. This has created the need for specialists in applied analytics.

      The Professional Certificate in Applied Analytics is designed to meet this growing demand for information analysis across various sectors and to fill the gaps for skilled professionals with the ability to analyse data.

      Offered 100% online, this course will equip you to develop future-focused workplace solutions through a data-driven approach, leading to better business decisions and forecasts.

      You’ll gain the ability to apply analytic solutions to real-world operational and strategic issues. You’ll also advance your understanding of analytics techniques as well as research principles. This will lead you to a rapidly expanding job market with numerous career opportunities.

      Students of this course also have nested options, which means you have a choice of pathways. You can either progress to the Graduate Certificate in Applied Analytics or progress further to the Master of Applied Analytics.

      Course aims:

      We’re living in the age of analytics, with work places now more than ever harnessing the power of data to innovate. We’ve devised this course to keep pace with competition in a data-driven world, so you can gain the skills to know how to better apply data and analytics.

      On completion of the Professional Certificate in Applied Analytics you will be equipped to:

      • Apply the principles and practice of data analytics, including measurement scales, data organisation, summaries, study design and inference
      • Measure the impact of data analytics and apply key ethical considerations
      • Confidently communicate analytical findings to clients, colleagues, executives and key decision makers.

      This course has been developed so you can take abstract business issues and turn them into successful analytical solutions.

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