Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation of Health

What will I study?


On completion of this course, graduates should be able to:

  • Explain how digital data, information and knowledge are generated and managed for clinical care, biomedical research, public health, and health policy and planning.
  • Communicate knowledgeably about the uses of core learning health system, data science, health informatics concepts, tools and methods.
  • Critically evaluate approaches to health systems science, biomedical information systems and information technology in contemporary healthcare in Australia and internationally.
  • Apply the principles of design thinking, data infrastructure, implementation, evaluation, data analysis, data collection, and data access to propose improvements to a current or future healthcare organisation.


The Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation of Health requires the successful completion of 25 credit points.

Students must complete the following  two subjects:

INFO90011 Applied Learning Health Systems

ISYS90069 Digital Transformation of Health