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This course equips you with strategic approaches to lead real change in your school or institution. You will return to your organisation with a grounding in the science of positive psychology, and the practical knowhow to strategically apply it in an educational setting.

Learning outcomes

Students completing the course will:

  • Be up-to-date with current thinking and research in the field of positive psychology, and understand its application to educational and other relevant contexts
  • Understand how positive psychology may be used to facilitate the learning process, particularly for young learners
  • Understand the varied strengths and approaches to learning demonstrated by young people
  • Understand a variety of approaches to creating a learning environment that fosters creativity, innovation and social responsibility among learners of all ages
  • Be familiar with a range of asset-based approaches to learning, and understand how to mobilise these assets.

Article: Taking positive psychology into the classroom

Positive psychology in schools is exploring how best to apply the science of wellbeing in key learning environments - helping students develop skills for life.

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