Professional Certificate in Education (Positive Education)

    Where will this take me?


    The course is designed for education and allied health professionals who wish to improve student wellbeing, promote positive change in the workplace and advance their careers. This includes:

    • Educators
    • Youth workers
    • School counsellors
    • Health professionals
    • Administrators working in schools and other educational settings.

    Learning outcomes

    Students completing the course will:

    • Know current thinking and research in the field of positive psychology, and its application to educational and other relevant contexts
    • Understand how positive psychology may be used to facilitate the learning process, particularly for young / teenage learners
    • Have developed an understanding of the varied strengths and approaches to learning demonstrated by young people
    • Understand a variety of approaches to creating a learning environment that fosters creativity, innovation and social responsibility among learners of all ages
    • Be familiar with a range of asset based approaches to learning, and how to mobilise these assets in a way that promotes learning.

    Pathways to further study

    Successful completion of this course may provide credit towards the Master of Education. It may also assist with entry to the Master of Applied Positive Psychology, although it cannot be included as credit towards that program.