Professional Certificate in Evidence-Based Teaching


What you will learn

Diverse pedagogical strategies to provide rich and creative learning environments that empower learners

You’ll gain the knowledge and skills to use evidence to make sound evidence-based judgments about the nature and implementation of teaching interventions.

Understand how to identify and critically appraise appropriate evidence-based practices in response to identified student needs

You’ll learn to generate and analyse diverse sources of data that can effectively assess and inform student learning and development.

Analyse and integrate key findings from research to understand major influences on student learning and teacher performance

Evaluate the impact of your teaching on your students’ learning and demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which theory and research inform practice.

Course structure

To gain the Professional Certificate in Evidence-Based Teaching you must complete two 12.5 point subjects

These two subjects are taken sequentially over two terms.

After completing this program, you may be eligible for 25 credit points towards the Master of Education in Evidence-Based Teaching.


The estimated hours required for each subject is between 15 -19 hours per week, but this varies for each student and depends on your task management and planning, familiarity with the material, reading style and speed.

Single subjects

You can also study single subjects to contribute to your professional development. For more information, please contact Student Support.

Sample course plan

View some sample course plans to help you select subjects that will meet the requirements for this certificate.

25 point program

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