Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology

    Where will this take me?


    Specifically aimed at graduates in the workplace, this course serves as an introduction to the principles and practices of positive psychology, which is focused on the facilitation of optimal functioning and thriving. Contemporary science-based methods for enhancing the well-being, performance and motivation of staff and clients will be presented for critical discussion.

    Learning outcomes

    Students completing the course should:

    • Have knowledge of current thinking and research in the field of positive psychology, and its application to health, business and other relevant contexts
    • Have an understanding of how positive psychology may be used to facilitate well-being, performance and motivation, particularly in organisational settings
    • Have explored the relevance and application of positive psychology to their professional practice
    • Have knowledge of strength-based, evidence-based, and values-based interventions
    • Have an ongoing commitment to the study and practice positive psychology
    • Adopt reflective practices with regards to their applications of positive psychology.

    Pathways to Further Study

    Successful completion of this course may provide credit towards the Master of Education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. It may also assist with entry to the Master of Applied Positive Psychology, although it cannot be included as credit towards that program.