Where will this take me?


Learning  outcomes

On completion of the Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management you’ll be able to:

  • Make recommendations about designing efficient supply chains
  • Help organisations address contemporary challenges and take advantage of the latest technologies
  • Analyse existing supply chain operations to improve competitive advantage and work toward the triple bottom line
  • Explain the nuance and complexities of supply chain challenges to key decision-makers

The Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management offers a pathway into Melbourne Business School’s Master of Supply Chain Management. You will be eligible to receive up to two-subjects of credit into the degree.

A fast-growing industry

The supply chain and logistics workforce has been growing consistently since 2016 and is expected to see continued strong growth in Australia over the next few years.

Professor William Ho
Professor William Ho, Program Director
Professor William Ho, Program Director

“We’ve designed the Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management to give you a strong and practical base in the discipline. Frameworks for achieving effectiveness in supply chain design, operations and improvement are included. Every organisation can benefit from effective supply chain management outcomes, via improved supply network relationships, effective procurement, production and internal operations, transport, logistics, technology management, application of innovations and other elements that maximise the effectiveness of how we match our supply to demand."


Justin Ryan

The reputation of Melbourne Business School and the intensive mode of delivery were major attractions for me. Studying the Master of Supply Chain Management degree, it is common to have students in the class working for global organisations for Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East. The open discussions give you a true global perspective on the topic being studied.