Professional Certificate in Wellbeing Coaching

Where will this take me?


Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, graduates should be able to:

  • Articulate the concepts, key works, scholars, and developments that have influenced the fields of positive psychology coaching.
  • Evaluate the contextual relevance and implications of coaching conceptualisations.
  • Translate positive psychology coaching-related research into personal and professional contexts.
  • Critically evaluate methods of research, evaluation, and practice employed in positive psychology coaching.
  • Demonstrate a capacity to communicate positive psychology coaching-related research clearly, critically,  and persuasively.
  • Demonstrate reflective practice regarding learning and professional application.

Lara Mossman

Lara Mossman (BSc, MA, MAPP) teaches into the undergraduate breadth subjects, professional certificates and Masters programs that are run by the Centre for Positive Psychology. She has developed content and assessment for several positive psychology informed subjects in Australian Universities. Lara is a Ph.D. candidate whose research involved the development of an online training program for youth sport coaches that draws on positive psychology and self-determination theory. She also writes for the Player Development Project and Football Federation Victoria’s Coaching Resource website.