Professional Certificate in Workplace Leadership

      Where will this take me?


      Who the course is for

      Designed for early-to-mid-career professionals within various sectors, from information technology to healthcare, this course is fitting for those who are seeking to develop their managerial and leadership skills. It is suited for ambitious go-getters who want to enhance their understanding of leadership to learn how to empower and encourage team members to perform optimally.

      The course has been devised to help you become a successful leader in your field of expertise by developing your capabilities in communications and decision making, negotiation and problem solving, managing people through delegation and facilitation, and improving workplace functions by creating and maintaining effective systems.

      The Workplace Leadership course analyses the factors that impact upon workplace leadership and prepares graduates to become effective leaders through self-reflection and creating an individual development plan. The integrated problem-based projects that are offered as part of this course align with investigations which indicate that management and leadership skills are most effectively learned through structured or formal programs. The research also suggests that undertaking leadership training in the early stages of career progression allows individuals to confidently seek and perform leadership roles and have a positive influence on their organisation.

      Career outcomes

      Contemporary workplaces have an operational need for managers and leaders who will be responsible for the day-to-day processes of an organisation and drive productivity and innovation. Leadership skills in all sectors is critical to the success of meeting organisational goals and creating a results-driven workplace.

      There is a growing body of research that highlights the relationship between the quality of management, workplace practices and workplace leadership in improving workplace performance. Our graduates will become confident leaders who will play an important role in shaping organisations to meet current and future challenges. You will be ready to tackle all aspects of leadership from recruitment and performance management to strategic planning, to build and maintain dynamic workplace cultures. Graduates can expect promotional opportunities in senior roles across various sectors.