The experience


Distinctive features of the Melbourne Law Masters include the expertise of the teaching staff, small class sizes, a diverse student body, a rich blend of Australian and international perspectives, student focused support services, excellent facilities and an extraordinary range of cutting-edge subjects exploring developments in law, legal thinking, practice and reform.

Rich blend of teaching expertise

The Melbourne Law Masters program brings together the School's own leading teachers and researchers, with experts from the practising profession and scholars from law schools and institutions around the world. Each year, more than 200 lecturers from outside the School will teach in the program, more than 70 of whom are visiting international experts.

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Diverse professional network

The Melbourne Law Masters attracts an extraordinarily diverse range of students, from all parts of Australia and all regions of the world. The diversity of the student body is integral to the quality of the program. It also gives Melbourne Law Masters graduates access to an international and interdisciplinary network of individuals united by their experiences at Melbourne.

Active learning

All classes are limited in size to encourage discussion and interaction to further enhance the learning experience. Classrooms are organised in a seminar-style format. While teaching styles differ, all teachers invite active engagement from students.