Specialist Certificate in Blood Management Foundations

      Where will this take me?


      Career outcomes

      This course will demonstrate that you have fundamental blood management knowledge. The skills you will gain may assist you to advance your career and undertake challenging governance activities or move into new specialised areas. If you are a nurse, you may be able to use your new skills to advance into a specialist role, such as transfusion/blood management nurse. Scientists may be working toward a similar role, such as transfusion quality officer. Medical officers will gain specialised blood management knowledge and transfusion skills, which will be beneficial to their daily clinical practice.

      Pathways to further study

      Nurses that complete the Specialist Certificate in Blood Management Foundations may be eligible to gain 25 points credit if they decide to enrol in one of the following courses:

      • Graduate Certificate in Transfusion Practice
      • Master of Advanced Nursing Practice

      Nurses that decide to enrol in one of the following specialty graduate certificates will receive 12.5 points credit, equivalent to an elective subject. Available nursing specialties include: anaesthetics, critical care, emergency, perioperative, rural critical care, paediatric critical care, cancer and palliative care, mental health, paediatrics and primary care.