Specialist Certificate in Cancer Nursing

Where will this take me?


Career outcomes

A Specialist Certificate in Cancer Nursing will enhance your capability to deliver high-quality care and increase your employability as a specialist cancer nurses with the knowledge and skill to meet the competency standards for specialist cancer nurses described in the Australian National Professional Development Framework for Cancer Nursing.

The Specialist Certificate in Cancer Nursing provides students with the theoretical knowledge and an understanding of the scientific advances specific to cancer nursing by:


  • Identify the contribution of nurses in inter-professional cancer control across the continuum of care
  • Demonstrate beginner knowledge of the scientific and research-based evidence that underpins cancer care


  • Demonstrate the ability to critically appraise relevant research evidence for the care of people affected by cancer
  • Justify and rationalise the capacity to assess, review and analyse patient health data and identify different treatment strategies and approaches

Application of knowledge and skills

  • Use evidence-based resources to provide tailored information and education to people affected by cancer to enable self-management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of cancer biology and cancer control across the continuum of care by describing safe and effective specialist cancer nursing care