Specialist Certificate in Clinical Leadership

      The experience


      Student experiences

      “There were so many enjoyable aspects of the course.

      If I had to choose just one it would be the connections I have made with the incredible people alongside whom I learnt."

      "I have not done a course before that impacted on my clinical work so directly and profoundly.

      Even my junior doctors have noted the difference in me. The course presenters were of a superior calibre and shared their stories and knowledge so generously. Jill is a gem! Definitely a course that stays with you long after the last assessment.”

      -Catherine, Consultant Psychiatrist

      “I found the course thought provoking.

      Following the course I have reflected on my own leadership style and changes to our service our group has made in the past."

      "The program has given me strategies and insights into how to improve my leadership skills.

      It has also helped me develop a better framework to deal with challenges ahead and managing change."

      "The course was intellectually stimulating and at the same time practical.

      There were many lectures from leaders in healthcare. I would recommend the course to healthcare professionals wanting to develop their leadership and management skills.”

      -Doug, Director Department of General Medicine

      "Having a framework for unpacking leadership and management issues has proved invaluable.

      The practical focus of the course material places you in a far more powerful position when it comes to negotiating future leadership roles and responsibilities.”

      -Kudzai, Telehealth Clinical Lead and Specialist Physician

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      Rahul Khanna