Specialist Certificate in Criminology (Forensic Disability)

    What will I study?


    This course provides an up-to-date understanding of key concepts and issues, including theoretical and practical training in the assessment (including risk assessment) treatment and management of forensic disability populations, and the complex professional and ethical issues encountered when working within this demanding and challenging sector.

    Specific attention will be given to notable offender groups including female offenders, sexual offenders, non-sexual violent offenders, arson, personality disorder and mental health issues, and disabled offenders with substance abuse issues.

    Course structure

    This course is made up of two subjects, Introduction to Forensic Disability and Advanced Practice in Forensic Disability. You must complete both subjects to receive the award.


    In addition to face-to-face teaching time of 40 hours per subject, students should expect to undertake a minimum of 170 hours per subject for research, reading, writing and general study to complete this course successfully.

    Teaching dates
    Subject/sTeaching dates
    Introduction to Forensic Disability (CRIM90012)11 March 2021
    12 March 2021
    17 March 2021
    18 March 2021
    19 March 2021

    Advanced Practice in Forensic Disability (CRIM90013)

    13 October 2021
    14 October 2021
    15 October 2021
    20 October 2021
    21 October 2021
    22 October 2021

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