Specialist Certificate in Criminology (Forensic Disability)

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      This is a truly interdisciplinary subject and will be highly relevant to practitioners currently working in the disability, psychology, social work, psychiatry, medicine, health, legal, law enforcement and correctional sectors.

      Intended learning outcomes

      Graduates of the Specialist Certificate in Criminology (Forensic Disability) will:

      • Develop an advanced understanding of the psychology of offending behaviour and the criminal justice system
      • Develop their knowledge of the appropriate professional skills to be utilised with different types of offenders and in diverse forensic contexts
      • Emerge with an advanced understanding of relevant cultural, legal, policy and political issues
      • Explain and analyse the postulated link between intellectual disability and offending behaviour in the context of historical, socio-cultural, biological, psychological, methodological and professional issues
      • Provide an awareness of specific legal issues facing offenders with an intellectual disability at each stage of their progression through the criminal justice system
      • Describe the principles of clinical assessment for this group and outline some specific techniques of assessment
      • Explain the principles of clinical intervention and management in this group, some specific interventions and methods of evaluating such interventions
      • Provide an appreciation of the legal, philosophical and policy contexts in which much clinical decision-making takes place
      • Have confidence in their capacity to undertake PhD and other advanced research.