Specialist Certificate in Economic Design

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      Deliberate economic design has been traditionally assumed by governments, but is also becoming increasingly popular with entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Consequently, there are 2 distinct pathways in this course;


      A specialised pathway aimed at public policy professionals as they diagnose and explore a range of policy problems, as well as potential solutions. Professionals with specific responsibility for procurement and other resource allocation roles will find the concepts and case studies especially valuable. Students are required to complete 2 x 12.5 credit point subjects. Each subject comprises 2 modules that introduce students to Economic Design, auctions and secondary markets, contracts and matching mechanisms and a capstone experience.


      A specialised tailored pathway for entrepreneurs and industry professionals. This track considers a variety of marketplace typologies and allocation mechanisms, introduces the participants to strategic thinking, and presents cutting edge experimental and “big data” techniques. In this pathway, students are required to complete 1 x 25 credit point subject which consists of eight selected topics. The main goals are to enable the participants to understand and improve market mechanisms and outcomes, and to educate and train them towards independently identifying and addressing market failures.

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