Specialist Certificate in Eye Banking

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      The course will commence with an introduction to the sector, its evolution and the history of transplantation prior to discussing the differences between eye, organ and tissues. The course will continue with the examination of anatomy and physiology of the eye, bioethics, regulations and governance (including the codes of Good Manufacturing - required for human biologicals), and an introduction to different tissue types (such as cornea, sclera, amnion and stem cell therapies). Students will also be introduced to donation principles and practice, donor selection, tissue recovery and processing techniques, and then finally tissue allocation. Bioethics will also be integrated into this course to guide donor and allocation decision making.

      Specialist Certificate in Eye Banking is a graduate course qualification consisting of 25 credit points, normally taking 6 months of part-time study. The course requires a completion of 1 core subject and will be accredited by the Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand (EBAANZ).

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