Specialist Certificate in Gerontology

Course overview

  • Online
  • Available to domestic and international students
  • Term 1 Intake - January, Term 2 Intake - April, Term 3 Intake - July, and Term 4 Intake - October


Population ageing is a global megatrend that is having a diverse and far-reaching impact on all of society. Policy, economic growth, inflation rates, public health, urban design and household spending are being significantly impacted, as are our conceptions of retirement and productivity. In addition, the decline in the labour force due to ageing populations will require dramatic social change and technological innovation.

The Specialist Certificate in Gerontology provides an introduction to specialised knowledge and skills in the physical and psychosocial aspects of ageing. This exciting, interdisciplinary course is the first of its kind, drawing from disciplines spanning public health, social work, architectural and urban design, economics and technology.

Developed in collaboration with leading industry experts from Australia and around the world, you’ll gain a broad, introductory understanding of ageing as a social, physical and psychological experience, as well as practical skills that will help you advance your career and access a range of opportunities in this fast-growing sector.

Ensuring you have the flexibility you need, the course offers an option to study part-time. You can also select from a broad range of subjects, based on your area of interest. Developed by subject matter experts assisted by learning designers, you will enjoy an engaging, interactive learning experience that will equip you with practical, highly applicable skills. The course also provides great opportunities to network with like-minded professionals.

Who is this course for?

Looking to specialise in gerontology and build a career in this fast-growing sector, or to formalise knowledge gained in the field? Then these courses are for you.

If you are a policy professional, registered nurse, or working in aged care, the courses are particularly relevant. They are also well suited to those in social work, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, human services, financial services and mental health, as well as entrepreneurs and managers.

NOTE BOX: International students are welcome to study this course. However, please note that this course is not available to international students who require a student visa to study in Australia as it does not meet the onshore study requirements and it is not registered with CRICOS.

Course aims

The Specialist Certificate in Gerontology is designed to provide specialised knowledge and skills in the physical and psychosocial aspects of ageing, and to provide the background interdisciplinary skills and understanding necessary to respond to the complexities of an ageing global population. The course is an initial step in producing leaders in the field.