Specialist Certificate in Gerontology

    Course overview

    • 6 months part time
    • Online
    • Available to domestic and international students
    • Term 1 Intake - January, Term 2 Intake - April, Term 3 Intake - July, and Term 4 Intake - October


    The Specialist Certificate in Gerontology is an exciting interdisciplinary course designed to provide students with key competencies in the ageing field to meet the rapidly increasing market demand.

    This is the first course of its kind, bringing together academics from multiple disciplines, including public health, medicine, architecture and design, engineering, business and economics, government, and the arts, in collaboration with leading experts from Australia and around the world.

    Who is this course for?

    This program is for those looking to build a career specialising in this fast-growing sector and will be particularly relevant for policy and planning professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, healthcare professionals, and anyone already working with ageing populations and workforces. At the completion of this course, you will be well placed for leadership advocacy and managerial roles.

    International students are welcome to study this course. However, please note that this course is not available to international students who require a student visa to study in Australia as it does not meet the onshore study requirements and it is not registered with CRICOS.

    Course aims

    We’ve designed this course to produce leaders in the field of ageing who will be able to develop new approaches and policies that help shift the focus to a more positive and holistic view of ageing. This course will provide opportunities to gain practical skills and undertake high-order analysis, using interdisciplinary strategies and cross-cultural comparisons.


    By successfully completing this course you may be eligible for credit toward the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology.