Specialist Certificate in Gerontology

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Career outcomes

Ageing and longevity are reshaping consumer lifestyles and purchasing decisions, and driving a range of consumer megatrends. Healthcare will take a greater share of government and household spending and the focus on health, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles will continue to gain momentum. Catering to the unique needs and demands of older people will be imperative for both governments and companies alike, creating huge and varied career opportunities in the field of ageing.

By providing introductory specialist knowledge and experience in ageing, the Specialist Certificate in Gerontology will increase your career potential. You will be better equipped to meet the escalating market demand for a skilled workforce that can respond to the complexities of an ageing worldwide population, and on the pathway to becoming a leader in the field. As an

In the Australian aged-care sector alone, there are currently over 350,000 paid employees and the Productivity Commission on Caring for Older Australians expects this workforce to quadruple in size over the next forty years (Productivity Commission on Caring for Older Australians, 2011). Half of these employers report skill shortages due to a lack of specialist knowledge required to meet service delivery demands.

Access career opportunities through our extensive Industry Network. Network members range from prominent private consulting companies and the Victorian government, to large service delivery organisations, consultancies, financial institutions, technology firms, retirement villages and peak bodies.


Cameron Early

When Cameron Early attended the 2016 Global Welfare Summit on the Gold Coast, the idea of returning to study was the furthest thing from his mind. But after hearing a presentation from Lena Gan, an academic from the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, at the University of Melbourne, Cameron was genuinely inspired. It was in that moment he was convinced to enrol in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to study the subject, Rethinking Ageing. He was encouraged by the quality of the course content.

“No other university in Australia offered such a multidisciplinary course in Ageing and Lena was very encouraging and persuasive.”

Cameron established the first Australian company to formally deliver Senior Move Management Services. Golden Years Home Transitions provides a service which helps hundreds of seniors to move from their family homes into residential care or retirement living. Working in such a complex environment has earned his company accolades and the company remains the only Australian business who are Certified Relocation Specialists.

“The course content has given me wonderful insights into emerging practices in the ageing sector and many of these concepts I have already been able to adopt and integrate into our business systems to enhance the health and wellbeing outcomes for our senior clients.”

Looking back on how his student journey has evolved, the Brisbane father explains that he “would not have been able to juggle family, work and other commitments to participate” if it wasn’t for the online nature of the course.

The value associated with interacting with high-calibre like-minded individuals and having the ability to network has already produced measurable financial returns for my business, which whilst unintended and unexpected, further crystalizes the investment value for me.

“From my observation, learning and experience, the University of Melbourne is the world-leader and is at the cutting-edge of the emerging Ageing sector. Get amongst it!”