Specialist Certificate in Global Competition Law

What will I study?


As a student of this course, you will:

Understand economic and legal principles that underpin and influence policy in this field

Examine the economic theories, policies and principles that underpin and influence competition policy and law as well as challenges that arise in the enforcement of competition law and contemporary international debates on policy and law reform.

Communicate complex ideas to various audiences in the global field of competition law

You will develop the capacity to critically evaluate and convey information, generate ideas and solutions to complex problems and communicate complex knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences in the global field of competition law.

Apply your knowledge at an advanced level

Apply acquired knowledge and skills to make high level, independent judgements and carry out a range of technically specialised functions at an advanced level, demonstrating well-developed judgement as a practitioner or learner in this field.

Course structure

The Specialist Certificate in Global Competition Law is a 25-point program, designed to be undertaken part time over six months. To achieve the qualification, you must complete:

  • One core subject, worth 12.5 points
  • One elective, worth 12.5 points.


This will vary depending on the individual student’s background in the area and capacity. However, on average students will need to allocate around 6-8 hours ‘study’ time (including reading, watching videos, completing exercises and interactives, discussion board participation, participating in webinars, etc) per week, in addition to the time required to complete assessments. The total time commitment required for each subject over a term will be 150 hours.

Course Planning

Course planning document

Single subjects

You can also study single subjects to contribute to your professional development. Single subjects are available  through the Community Access Program (CAP) or for cross-institutional study. Subject pre-requisites can be waived in certain circumstances. Please note, course application deadlines apply.

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