Specialist Certificate in Hearing Science

      What will I study?


      Intended Learning Outcomes

      On successful completion of the Specialist Certificate in Hearing Science the student should be able to;

      • Identify and consider the role of the audiologist and other multidisciplinary team members in the management of individuals with hearing impairment.
      • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the scientific knowledge and research based evidence that underpins skills development specific to audiological practice.
      • Apply theoretical knowledge to understand the practice of providing care to individuals experiencing auditory impairment and well-being that require audiological interventions.
      • Apply assessment findings and knowledge of the individual and their environment to propose and justify appropriate interventions which address the impairments and activity limitations in individuals with hearing impairment.
      • Develop, apply and transmit appropriate communication strategies to and for the hearing impaired individual.
      • Interpret and evaluate the use of measurement and rehabilitation tools in the practice of audiology.
      • Critically evaluate the known barriers and facilitators that contribute to an individual’s intervention success.

      Generic Skills

      At the completion of this course, student should be able to demonstrate:

      • The development of skills in practical thinking, clinical reasoning and decision making.
      • The capacity for information seeking, retrieval and evaluation.
      • Critical thinking and analytical skills.
      • The ability to communicate scientific knowledge through oral, written web based media.
      • The openness to new ideas.
      • Empathy and a shared understanding of the needs of other individuals concerns and priorities.
      • Critical use of decision-making skills with an awareness of the factors that inform their decisions.
      • Construction and expression of logical arguments in the application of evidence.
      • Self-directed learning as the basis of lifelong learning skills.
      • Communication repair strategies.

      Graduate Attributes

      • The capacity to critically think, problem-solve, and to seek retrieve and evaluate information related to hearing science and audiological practice.
      • Well-developed oral communication skills necessary to influence and facilitate communication breakdown related to hearing impairment.
      • Proficiency in critical appraisal and research utilisation.
      • Mastery of knowledge and skills to support transmission into their own professional context.
      • Expand their analytical and cognitive skills through learning experiences in diverse subjects.
      • Engage in meaningful public discourse, with an awareness of the communities hearing healthcare needs.

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