Specialist Certificate in Nursing Practice (Acute and Complex Care)

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    Career outcomes

    This course will enhance your capability to deliver high quality care and increase your career potential to meet the predicted market shortage for skilled nurses.

    On successful completion of the Specialist Certificate in Nursing Practice, graduates will have:

    • Specialised theoretical and technical knowledge, including demonstrating the ability to acquire and apply new knowledge in nursing practice;
    • Cognitive skills to review, analyse, consolidate and synthesise new and existing knowledge and identify and provide solutions to complex problems;
    • Cognitive skills to think critically and to generate and evaluate complex ideas;
    • Specialised technical and evidence-based knowledge to inform nursing practice;
    • A high level of verbal and written communication skills to demonstrate an understanding of theoretical concepts;
    • The cognitive skills to understand and critically appraise evidence-based research to inform nursing practice.

    Kristie Smith