Specialist Certificate in Nursing Practice

      What will I study?


      What you will learn

      Expand scientific knowledge and understanding

      You will learn about a range of medical conditions and diseases that affect adult patients admitted into hospital, including the pathophysiology of acute and chronic diseases, and understand the principles of how to assess and monitor patients’ response to evidence-based treatment strategies.

      Provide high quality and safe patient care

      You will gain the ability to critically analyse and critique health care interventions and treatment strategies, to provide high quality and safe patient care.

      Evidence-based care of adult patients

      You will gain a theoretical and practical understanding of how to meet the diverse needs of adult patients who are acutely ill.

      Course structure

      To gain the Specialist Certificate in Nursing Practice you must complete 25 points comprising of:

      • Two core subjects


      The estimated hours required for each subject is approximately 21 hours per week, but this varies for each student and depends on your task management and planning, familiarity with the material, reading style and speed.

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      Kristie Smith

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      View some sample course plans to help you select subjects that will meet the requirements for this certificate.

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