Specialist Certificate in Palliative Care

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      The Specialist Certificate in Palliative Care is delivered in a multi-modal format and includes online learning, face-to-face teaching, experiential learning and case discussion. For most subjects students are assigned a clinical mentor who is an experienced palliative care clinician. As a formal award of the University of Melbourne, the course offers 25 points of training at graduate level, delivered as two standard 12.5 point subjects requiring 4 days of face-to-face teaching each. Students are required to complete the two 12.5 credit point subjects within a 12 month period.

      Please note: the Paediatric Palliative Care subject will not be offered in 2019.

      Semester 1, 2019
      NURS90046 Fundamentals of Palliative CareTimeDate
      Palliative Care: The Essentials 8.45AM - 5PM 7 & 8 February 2019
      Therapeutic Communications 8.45AM - 5PM 18 & 19 March 2019
      NURS90073 Contemporary Approaches to BereavementTimeDate
      Historical and Theoretical Perspectives on Bereavement 9AM - 5PM 21 February 2019
      Developmental perspectives on bereavement 9AM - 5PM 22 February 2019
      Clinical Interventions 9AM - 5PM 16 May 2019
      Self-Care and Ethical Issues in Bereavement Care 9AM - 5PM 17 May 2019
      Semester 2, 2019
      NURS90047 Adult Palliative CareTimeDate
      Pain Assessment & Management in Palliative Care 8.45AM - 5PM 18 July 2019
      Symptom Assessment & Management in Adult Palliative Care 8.45AM - 5PM 19 July 2019
      Palliative Care in Non-Malignant Contexts 8.45AM - 5PM 2 September 2019
      Family Centred Palliative Care and Cultural Issues 8.45AM - 5PM 3 September 2019
      NURS90118 Ethics in Clinical PracticeTimeDate
      Clinical Ethics - the Basics9AM- 5PM8 August 2019
      "Doing Ethics"9AM- 5PM9 August 2019
      Communicating Ethically9AM- 5PM12 August 2019
      Incorporating Ethics into your Daily Practice9AM- 5PM13 August 2019
      NURS90074 Psychosocial Aspects of Palliative CareTimeDate
      Identification and Assessment of Distress9AM- 5PM15 August 2019
      Management of Distress9AM- 5PM16 August 2019
      Management of Imminent Death and Complex Cases9AM- 5PM19 August 2019
      Special Needs and At Risk populations. Working with Other Professionals.9AM- 5PM20 August 2019

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