Specialist Certificate in the Management of Paediatric Patients

      Course overview

      • 6 months part time
      • Online
      • Available to domestic and international students.
      • Mid Year Intake - July


      The Specialist Certificate in the Management of Paediatric Patients (optometry) from the University of Melbourne is an online course covering issues within the field of paediatric optometry, with the aim of developing a student's capacity for highly evolved communication and co-management with other professionals involved in paediatric optometric assessment and care.

      A range of areas will be covered, encompassing the developmental, visual, medical and educational issues relevant to paediatric optometry. Specific areas covered will include diseases and disorders such as amblyopia, comitant strabismus, ametropia, and disorders of refraction, accommodation and vergence.

      By introducing optometrists to a wide range of modern and classical thought, the course fosters a deeper, evidence-based understanding of central themes, thereby providing a solid context against which to evaluate emerging issues relevant to world's best practice of paediatric optometry.

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