Bachelor of Fine Arts (Degree with Honours)

What will I study?



The Dance specialisation engages in artistic enquiry and research to deepen your knowledge of dance as an aesthetic, intellectual and critical practice. With the support of your supervisor you will engage in embodied research, choreographic thinking and dance writing and documentation. You will undertake a major creative project and related research paper.

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Design and Production

Through the Design and Production specialisation, you will undertake independent research and the production of a major creative project. You will develop your aptitude for continued self-directed learning, critical analysis of design practices and discourse, and develop your capacity to be a professional practitioner within the discipline of design and/or technical management in the creative sector. Students also have the opportunity to work on projects in practicelab, the student-led design studio that undertakes projects for clients in the University and the community.

VCA Design and Production have specialist expertise in design for stage and screen, graphic design and stage management, but also support projects investigating all forms of design and production practice, particularly those in support of other disciplines in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

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Film and Television

The Film and Television specialisation offers you the opportunity to write, direct and edit a substantive and innovative short screen production, or to specialise in a film craft such as animation, screenwriting, cinematography, producing, actor direction, sound or editing. You can select from any one of these paths and also produce a self-directed minor research thesis.

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Music Theatre

The Music Theatre specialisation offers you artistic mentorship on an independent project of your own devising and support through seminars , training in advanced practice and academic supervision.

The cohort may comprise of creators and performers of new work, and performers who are dedicated to deepening their skills to develop mastery in an element of music theatre performance. VCA Music Theatre embraces diversity in understanding of the music theatre genre and welcomes projects that critically investigate contemporary practice and potential future forms of music theatre.

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The Theatre specialisation provides you with the opportunity to devise, define and manage a major creative project, or series of projects, and related research paper. The full spectrum of Theatre practice is supported, including acting , directing, dramaturgy and writing. The project could involve a live performance or installation event, and/or folio of new creative work including scripts, performance scores or short films.

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Visual Art

The visual arts studios are housed in The Stables, a world class contemporary arts research hub, fostering dynamic interactions among leading artists, curators, and academics in a creative and culturally diverse environment. You'll be supported to build networks inside and outside the University to support their future career development.

You'll produce work under the guidance of an individual supervisor, and engage in regular formal critiques and exchanges with their peers. Your final body of work will enter the VCA Graduate Exhibition, an annual event attracting audiences and professionals from across the contemporary art sector.

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